Software Application Maintenance


Software application maintenance is an ongoing software upgrade process from time to time to update the software system and to include the latest technology updates.  The functional content of embedded type systems should continue to increase to maintain user satisfaction during their lifetime while their quality will appear to decrease unless they are strictly maintained and adapted to changing operational environments. – From lehman law of software evolution, 1974-1996ISO/IEC 14764:2006, Software Engineering — Software Lifecycle Processes – Maintenance states that ‘Software maintenance in software engineering is a modification of software products after delivery to correct errors, improve performance or other attributes.’ It is not only doing a shallow warranty period inspection or fixing defects. In an intensive research program spanning two decades, entrepreneur Meir Lehman came to a simple one-line conclusion: Software application maintenance means ensuring that the software is up to date, that is, as advanced technology, software development continues to advance in parallel.  

Software Engineering

 A more modern perspective is provided by a renowned technician, Misty S. Bledsoe, writing for He believes that ‘Software maintenance involves improving applications for compliance with changing requirements and customizing databases to work with more than one type of operating system or to allow applications to work in a network environment.” He lists four best practices in software application maintenance:Situation Assessment. The more prepared the information technology department is when assessing the current situation, the easier it is to determine the path software maintenance will take. End User Feedback. People who use software applications every day should provide detailed feedback to their IT departments to allow them to assess what software applications need to do to be more efficient, more secure, and more effective.  

Application Maintenance & Support

 Flexibility. It is important to be flexible with the mindset that initial plans and forecasts can and will change across the board during the maintenance process.Quality Assurance. Track maintenance plans for efficiency and revision accordingly, always looking forward to the completion date.Software Application Maintenance provides optimal use of expensive assets. This improves longevity, efficiency, more efficient use of system resources, minimizes system crashes by detecting and repairing corrupt files to keep all systems running smoothly. It also provides better security in all senses, that is, preventing data theft, whether personal or financial by unscrupulous web-bandits, implementing upgrade patches to improve performance as soon as they are released while up to date anti-virus programs keep viruses at bay.