What is Custom Software Development?


Application software is primarily classified under two main categories, namely special written software and off-the-shelf software. Custom software development is designing software for specific groups of users, more commonly used in organizations.  Custom software is designed in a way that meets the needs very accurately compared to the generic way of off-the-shelf software. Usually custom software is developed by a third-party software development company or an in-house development team and this software is generally not intended to resell. 

Custom Vs. Off-the-shelf Software

 Off-the-shelf software consists of packaging software available to large audiences with a variety, despite essentially similar needs.  MS Office is used by businesses around the world; it is used in hospitals, offices, schools and even in our own homes. This product is designed for a large mass of people and not for a particular entity. Customized software development is the process of developing and releasing software tailored to the needs of specific entities. For example, large companies have their own software that is specific only to their designed organizations and departments. This may be application software for special needs such as consumer management, project management, HR management and project needs etc. Therefore the software is designed according to the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation in mind. 

Pros of Custom Software Development

 All organizational needs cannot be met with off-the-shelf software. Each organization works differently, then the needs are also different. Custom-made software provides many specific functions because it is made according to the needs of the organization. This will definitely increase ease of work and increase productivity. If a software application is developed to address internal needs, that cost will be recovered through increased efficiency. The system will return long-term gains along with increased productivity. If your organization has internal needs that unresolved by unstuffed applications, then custom software is a smart option. 

Cons of Custom Software Development

 Buying off-the-shelf software costs you far less than developing custom in-house software. It involves a lot of risk. Custom software development requires a large investment and a dedicated software development team. The cost alone can be huge. Off-the-shelf software is capable of a hefty price point because it is sold to different users, but custom software is made for one user. The software is not intended for sale and you can not earn money from it. The value your business offers will be based on increased productivity and efficiency. Any design flaws or inconsistencies cause great harm. Development should also consider the inclusion of future changes in the needs of the organization. Such changes when inserted into the software will invite chaos. Projects may lose scope and may end up with products that don’t match actual needs. Therefore more often custom software development is outsourced to third parties that provide software development services. 

Custom Software Development Services

 Choosing a company to create your software for business is not an easy task. When you outsource your work, you should consider choosing a company that promises the right level of service at the right price. These companies usually meet with organizations that ask to assess needs and determine the total amount of work required to develop the software. They then put in a proposal on how much development time is required and the associated costs. This may change over time with changes in the needs of the organization. Choosing a software development company should not be based on money, but should instead be based on flexibility and willingness to work with businesses.